Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Social Media Spiderweb

How can social media affect the way your law firm advertises?  This is a good question?  Our office has taken several measures to ensure our appearance on the internet.  We have created a Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, attached our information to every media source we can find, and of course we make a feeble effort to blog every once-in-awhile, which can gets in the way of doing real attorney work.  I would like to make a suggestion that I believe will increase your business’ appearance on the internet.  We now ask that our associates and employees create online profiles on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  This would mean that a firm of five people would create four contacts each, and then each contact would be linked back to their employers social media sites.  Every once in a while you can send out messages +person, mentioning, @ing, or connecting to your employees from your own sites.  Ultimately you would create a spider web of connections, which if your employees respond, would strengthen the fibers and create a denser web.  The ultimate plan is to create a buzz about your business, right?  You could be the greatest law firm in your county and if no one has heard of you, you are also the poorest.  The only advantage is you can blog a lot, despite the fact that you have no followers. :(